Clean Living // Organic Foundation Recipe


Whipping up homemade makeup concoctions have been one of my favorite parts of this clean living series. What's nice about this particular recipe is that it's ideal for absorbing oil, which is helpful as the weather starts to warm up. Plus, as always, there are no chemicals that are harsh on your sensitive skin.


Arrowroot Powder
Cocoa Powder
Green clay
nutmeg (optional)

Begin by mixing together equal parts of arrowroot powder and green clay. I did half of a cup of each. Then, mix in a small amount of cocoa powder. This is to determined by your own skin complexion and how dark you'd like the foundation to be.

To use, apply with a soft makeup brush evenly throughout your face, highlight your T zone, and work outwards.

*This recipe produces a 'green' tint when first applied, but will disappear once it's set onto your skin.


"Where I create, there I am true."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

Braid-In Floral Wrap DIY


I saw a braid-in floral wrap for the first time over the winter and thought it was genius. Putting a few flowers throughout a braid is one of my go to looks during the summer, but it never fails that at least one, if not more, fall out before the day is over. This wrap keeps the flowers in place so you don't have to move like a tin man all day. Here's how it's done:

Supplies: leather cord, hair clip, faux flower stem, fabric glue, needle and thread.

Begin by attaching the leather cord to the hair clip by sewing it in a loop around the base. My clip has a small gap in each prong that I put the leather through, keeping it from sliding off. Next, with the fabric glue, attach flowers all along the leather cord. Once the glue is dry, stitch the base of each flower to the cord. I wrapped thread around multiple times to hide the base of the flower.

To style, station the clip an inch or so underneath where your hair parts. Once the clip is no longer visible, begin braiding and weaving the wrap. My favorite part of this project is that it can be worn many different ways. I think next I'll try it with a waterfall braid or maiden braids.